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  • Practical and stable plastic case with two airtight closures
  • Includes all what is needed for S7-communication
  • Connects comfortable PC with PLC via LAN or WLAN
  • Also for S7-1200 usable
Universally to the S7-PLC-Control
You have to build up a connection to your S7-PLC and preferentially over LAN/WLAN? No problem, you drive to your plant and take with the WLAN-SET. The set includes all you need to couple. You plug the S5-LAN++ or S7-LAN on your S5/7-PLC and connect it with the ALF of the configured S7-WLAN-Bridge and the connection to your notebook (for S7-WLAN-Bridge in AdHoc-mode) will be OK. Of course, you can also use an WLAN-router, if there would be one existant. Or you connect the S5-LAN++ or S7-LAN with the delivered Cross-Over-cable direct with the PC and you will be also online on the PLC. No matter which way you ever will use, with the WLAN-SETs you will be prepared for everything.


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