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  • Issue in drag & drop of variables which led to hanging drag & drop visualization
  • Issue with lost log file in case there the logging is configured to close the file after each write and old entries are to be truncated before writing
  • Improved Drag&Drop expericence by keeping the dragged and dropped row(s) selected including the current row bookmark
  • Improved logging behaviour of CSV logging to always append a commata although the value of a variable is empty and to also write a new line although the whole log record is empty, this does then at least log a new line with the time stamp (if activated)
  • Issues with updating the channel status when logging
  • Issue with not selected trigger after loading a project or creating a new channel
  • Reduced amount of used triggers to realize trigger chains
  • Issue with endless loop in cases there triggers are linked in cyclic order
  • Implemented new conditional trigger negation option
  • Implemented support for a maximum number of trigger runs
  • Implemented additional hexadecimal formats with leading "0x"
  • Enhanced "Include Time Stamp" option to differ between a compound or partitioned time stamp in the log file. While in partitioned mode the time stamp is formatted using seperate date and time formats
  • Implmented acknowledgement which can set, clear and toggle a bit after data has been logged
  • Implemented support for array data on all numerical data types including char and boolean. Just modify the value in the "Length" column when defining a variable. Clear out the length column of a variable to get a scalar variable; otherwise it will be handled as a array variable
  • Different view changes to improve auto-scaling behavior when changing screen resolution/scaling
  • Improved handling when closing an opened log-file to ensure that the internal logger instances can be reused also when closing a file does fail
  • Reworked handling when stopping a started observer instance to ensure that case the stop-thread's does fail to stop the observer, it does correctly reflect this outcome
  • The service mode does now use automatic start up mode when installing the logger as a Windows service
  • Implemented event log record limitation. It's default value is 100 records in the *.err file and can be configured up to 10.000 records. See settings dialog
  • Updated to V1.6.9.2 of IPS7LnkNet.Advanced with improved read cache behavior
  • Updated to V1.6.9.1 of IPS7LnkNet.Advanced to read string values multiple times without auto-decrementing its length
  • Implemented channel duplication functionality to directly duplicate an existing channel to use it as a template when adding an additional channel
  • Implemented find and replace in the variables tab to simple find and replace within variable names and addresses
  • Updated to V1.6.8.1 of IPS7LnkNet.Advanced to be now able to read string values until the end of the datablock
  • Improved notifications in case of support expired and license expiry
  • Implemented support for partner information
  • Implemented support for license dongles
  • Issue with not longer startable service application
  • Issue with exceptions during start/stop of logging. They lead to a total crash of the logger or was not displayed/logged
  • Added new log file path preview link
  • Added new log directory path preview link
  • Added new placeholder '{DateTime}' for log file / directory path This can be used instead of the 'Date + Time' format
  • Casing of placeholder names is not longer relevant
  • Added optional placeholder arguments to specify custom format expressions Use now '{Hour}' (as before) or e.g. '{Hour=HH}' to get 03 as 15 o'clock All possible format expressions are displayed when moving the cursor over the question mark by the time stamp option. This format expressions are supported by all DateTime placeholders (Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and Second)
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