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Create with the S7-PLC Excel-files

S7-To-Excel-tool generates from any PLC-variables Excel-files according to your design. You customize the look directly into Excel!

  • free create of the Excel-tables with formulas and formats
  • Operation without Excel-installation
  • event and time controlled writing per worksheet (time-/event-trigger)
  • no programm in the PLC necessary
  • no limit on the count of variables (for advanced-version)
  • file-creation with time-stamp in the file-name
  • easy parameterization
  • the addresses of the PLC-variables are specified directly in the Excel table (for e.g. PLC_ADDR,DB10.DBW100,INT)
  • supported PLC-types:
    • S7-1500
    • S7-1200
    • S7 300/400
    • S7-200
    • S7-SoftPLC
    • Logo!-SPS
    • VIPA-S7
    • all S7 compatible controls

All parameters are stored directly in the XML-template-file.
The template includes all information as:

  • target directory
  • target-file with format-specification for the date and time
  • connection-parameters to the PLC (ip-address etc.)
  • addresses of the PLC-variables
  • condition (trigger) for generating the target file
  • This information is indicated with the help of keywords at any position in the Excel worksheet. Variables from the PLC will appear in the target file at the same position (cell), where the relevant variable address has been entered.

program flow

screenshot of the configuration

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