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Couples the PC (9 pol. COM-interface) with the 15 pol. X4/X5 interface port of the PLC

  • Complete electronics in the plug housing
  • Slide lock for firm grip on the PLC
  • Supply from the PLC over the 5V DC of the PD-port
  • Maximum length of the cable according to standard: 15m
  • Longer lengths available at your own risk

Technical data

Supply voltage: 5V DC
Power consumption: 0,2 watt
Display: -
to the PLC:
TTY/20mA current loop (PG-COM passiv, PLC aktiv)
to the PD/PC:
RS232: 9,6 KBd - 115,2 KBd
Operating temperature: 0 - 55°C
Case: plastic case
Dimensions: 47 x 40 x 15 mm
Scope of delivery:
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363240185
HS-code: 85444290
Weight: 0.2000 kg

technical data
docu / downloads


Serial communication to the S5-PLC (CPU-assemblies 15pin)

You have a PC with programming software and a 9pin COM-port as interface? No problem, for this purpose the PG-COM-cable is exactly the right product. Connect it to PLC and PC and you’re Online.
applications technical data

technical data
docu / downloads

9359PG-COM-cable 3m
PC 9pins COM-port <=> PLC 15pins X4/X5 port
9359.05MPG-COM-cable 5m
PC 9pins COM-port <=> PLC 15pins X4/X5 port
9359.10CMPG-COM-cable 0.1m special length
PC 9pins COM-port <=> PLC 15pins X4/X5 port
9359.10MPG-COM-cable 10m
PC 9pins COM-port <=> PLC 15pins X4/X5 port
9359.15MPG-COM-cable 15m
PC 9pins COM-port <=> PLC 15pins X4/X5 port

applications technical data
9359 LAUERPG-COM-cable with 9pin plug
special design for LAUER-devices
9359-SONAdditional charge for special wiring
9359.XSpecial length: PG-COM-cable (3m) + 9390
PC 9pins COM-port <=> PLC 15pins X4/X5 port
9390Additional charge for special length
for S5-Interface cables per Meter 3,- Euro