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PG2000 teleservice option

Original TS-function for PG-2000

  • Requires S5-STL- or S7-STL-license
License- and usage rights:
  • Due to user handling reasons we abstain from software protection by dongle or likewise, but each license incorporates the licensee’s address and appears several times in the program
  • Though a single license may be installed on several PC’s, it is not allowed to be used on more than one PC at the same time
  • Subesequent licenses are needed if simultaneous working on several PC’s is required; the activation of options has to be identical with the ones of the single license
  • A company license allows one and the same company resp. plant to use the PLC programming software in unlimited numbers simultaneously; each plant resp. division requires a separate company license
  • A school license allows one and the same school resp. training centre to use the PLC programming software in unlimited numbers; with signing the license agreement the responsible trainer confirms that the software will be used uncommercial and only for training purposes
  • S5 requires at least S5-STL, S7 at least S7-STL(FREEWARE without support)
  • Economic prices because of modular usage rights
  • Free software update and hotline service
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363244671
HS-code: 85234999

technical data
docu / downloads


Remote maintenance of a S7-PLC[FREEWARE without support]

You have to solve a problem in the PLC-program, but the installation is not placed nearby? No problem, start your PG-2000-software with "option teleservice", activate your modem and after selection intra PG-2000-software access to the PLC is possible as if being on-site.
applications technical data
9851-TS-2PG-2000 option Teleservice subsequent license
original TS-function for PG-2000
9851-TS-3PG-2000 option Teleservice company license
original TS-function for PG-2000