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Intelligent networking of S5-PLCs

  • No bus terminal resistor necessary
  • LEDs for controlling the data stream on the IBX-bus
  • All connection- and operating controls frontal
  • LWL-adapter available as an option

Technical data

Supply voltage: 24V/DC +/- 20%
Power consumption: 5 watt
Display: 4 status-LEDs
Handling/Configuration: DIP-Switch for address Configuration
to the AG and PD/PC:
TTY/20mA current loop (iBx-Klemme aktiv, PLC passiv)
10 x screw type terminal for bus connection A and B
2 x screw type terminal for 24V/DC power supply
Operating temperature: 5 - 55°C
Case: powder coated metal case with mounting flange
Dimensions: 97 x 149 x 36 mm
Scope of delivery:
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363240161
HS-code: 85389099
Weight: 0.5000 kg

technical data
docu / downloads


Linking of S5-PLC’s without modifying the PLC-program

You have to link several S5-PLC’s so that in case of need you can respond to all of them without modifying the PLC-program? No problem, connect all PLC’s that are in the run with the IBX-Klemme, set up the respective address (1 to 30) at the IBX-Klemme and with the address 0 you will be able to respond to all PLC’s via PD-bus-path selection.
Sinec-L1-bus configuration without BT-777-terminal

You have to configure a Sinec-L1-bus, own the master, but there’s no BT-777-busterminal to buy? No problem, connect the IBX-Klemme to every S5-PLC that is in the run via the optional IBX-SPS-cable, supply every IBX-Klemme with ext. 24V DC if the PLC is not able to provide it, set-up the address 0 and define the actual L1-bus-address in the PLC. Now your master can communicate with the slave-assemblies.
Longer distances for L1-Bus

You need for your L1-Bus higher distance like the possible 1200m? You have strong distrubance on your L1-Bus? You need a serial line for higher distances and this galvanic decoupled? No problem, all this points are solved through the LWL-adapter. They are available for artificial and optical fibre, for L1-Bus and RS232.

applications technical data

technical data
docu / downloads

intelligent bus terminal,
substitute for BT-777-terminal,
optional PLC-connecting cable

applications technical data
9391-UHUniversal DIN-rail-holder with mounting
Including mounting of the relevant product
9391.124V DC power-supply unit 625mA
Primary 110V - 240 VAC Euro+USA-plug
9428S5-DUP-Interface card  Obsolete
9429DUP-TEXT-Display DUPLINE  Obsolete
Pannel for the Dup-Line-bus
9530-9SiBx-SPS-cable to PLC 3m
one side angled, other side straight cable tap
9530-9WSiBx-SPS-cable to PLC 3m
bothside 45° angle
9531-GLight wire-adapter
for glasfibre-cables
9531-KLight wire-adapter
for plasticfibre-cables
9532-KLight wire-adapter  Obsolete
RS232 for plasticfibre-cables