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PG-2000 STEP 5

STEP5 - Programming with comfort

  • For Siemens-S5-PLC’s S5-90 … S5-155
  • For Siemens-S7PLC’s S7-300/400 [FREEWARE without support]
  • According to the licensed usage rights STEP5 + STEP7[FREEWARE without support] can be programmed in STL statementlist, LAD ladder mode and CFS (for S5) / FBD (for S7[FREEWARE without support]) functionplan
  • System requirements AT386 with 4MB RAM, 20MB free space on the fixed disc
  • Supported Operating-Systems: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.1/Win10 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Direct processing of the original S5D files; existing files can be assumed directly from Siemens-PD´s; a conversion is not necessary; with PG-2000 created S5D files can also be processed with a Siemens-PD without difficulty
  • The enhanced graphic symbols in LAD and CFS (for S5) / FBD (for S7[FREEWARE without support]) are integrated
  • At LAD and CFS (for S5) / FBD (for S7[FREEWARE without support]) all symbols are easily selectable from a toolbar (can be positioned freely)
  • Online syntax checking already during input of the instruction
  • The main commands are directly selectable by using the mouse or by keypress
  • No differentiation of the normal modes: input, view, correction
  • During editing direct switching of the representation types STL, LAD, CFS (for S5) / FBD (for S7[FREEWARE without support]) is possible, as well as parallel presentation
  • The accountant of PG-2000 provides numerous features for marking, transferring, deleting and comparing of single blocks, block groups or all blocks
  • The result of a block comparison is displayed readable in STL form, not as hexdump
  • Via Windows clipboard the block feature enables comfortable copying, scrolling and deleting of single lines, marked blocks or entire networks
  • Blocks which contain calls of no longer existing FB’s can be edited anyway
  • If parameters will be inserted or deleted from a FB-header, the already existing accesses to the formal operand retains
  • Previously necessary commands "NOP 0", which were generated in the course of program input in LAD and CFS (for S5) / FBD (for S7[FREEWARE without support]) are no longer required
  • PG-2000 is modularly structured, so that the user only has to aquire the program modules he actually needs for his daily work
  • Low priced subsequent- and company licenses are available; for schools and for occupational field there are non-commercial school licenses available (without a limitation of users and for a nonrecurring low nominal charge)
  • Everything existing so far should be taken for granted at PG-2000, because PG-2000 is the only open PLC programming system of the future; PG-2000 will be constantly developed, even particular desires of users will be taken into account in full detail
  • At reorder within 6 months the already paid license charge will be credited to 100%, within 12 months to 50%
  • The integrated project management offers an optimal overview of the projects
  • Detailled online help with graphic elements and cross references
  • Simultaneous display of lines- and symbolism comments
License- and usage rights:
  • Due to user handling reasons we abstain from software protection by dongle or likewise, but each license incorporates the licensee’s address and appears several times in the program
  • Though a single license may be installed on several PC’s, it is not allowed to be used on more than one PC at the same time
  • Subesequent licenses are needed if simultaneous working on several PC’s is required; the activation of options has to be identical with the ones of the single license
  • A company license allows one and the same company resp. plant to use the PLC programming software in unlimited numbers simultaneously; each plant resp. division requires a separate company license
  • A school license allows one and the same school resp. training centre to use the PLC programming software in unlimited numbers; with signing the license agreement the responsible trainer confirms that the software will be used uncommercial and only for training purposes
  • S5 requires at least S5-STL, S7 at least S7-STL(FREEWARE without support)
  • Economic prices because of modular usage rights
  • Free software update and hotline service
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363240192
HS-code: 85234999

technical data
docu / downloads


Programming/controlling of S5/7[FREEWARE without support]-PLC’s

If you have to accomplish modifications in your installation, connect the PC with the PLC and start your programming package PG-2000. With this software you have one and the same user interface for S5 and S7[FREEWARE without support], so you don’t have to switch between both versions, just as it is with most of other packages.
Remote maintenance of a S7-PLC[FREEWARE without support]

You have to solve a problem in the PLC-program, but the installation is not placed nearby? No problem, start your PG-2000-software with "option teleservice", activate your modem and after selection intra PG-2000-software access to the PLC is possible as if being on-site.
Data logging of your PLC

You shortly need a logging of your PLC’s operating states respectively are on the way of figuring out a problem and have no datalogger? No problem, connect the PC, start the PG-2000-software with "option datalogger", define relevant variables, appoint timestamp and then the recording starts running immediately. The data will be stored on the fixed disc according to the configuration.
Backup of formulas without knowledge of PLC

You consistently have to back up formulas which are stored in data blocks or back up production protocols, but the employee in charge has no knowledge of PLC-programming respectively handling PC-programs? No problem, install the PG-2000-software with "option DB-backup" on your PC and connect it with the PLC. The employee only has to click on a symbol on the desktop of the PC and the data blocks of the parameterised PLC will be stored on the fixed disc. Afterwards the program closes itself and the mentioned employee didn’t had to accomplish an intervention on the program.
Project/history-administration of PLC-programming

Who doesn’t know this? When accessing the PLC you find out that parts of the program flow has been changed and none of the colleagues/employees are responsible for it? Therefore install the "option controller" for the PG-2000-software, and every activity of the employees working with the program will be recorded. So you can identify the one employee very quickly and changes are ex post comprehensible, too.
applications technical data

technical data
docu / downloads

9851PG-2000 STEP5-STL single license
representation statementlist for Siemens S5
9851-2PG-2000 STEP5-STL subsequent license
representation statementlist for S5-90 ... 155U
9851-3PG-2000 STEP5-STL company license
representation statementlist for S5-90 ... 155U

applications technical data
9851-STARTERStarter package PG-2000 STEP5-STL w. PG-USB
single license
9851-STARTER-LStarter package PG-2000 STEP5-STL w. S5-LAN++
single license

applications technical data
9851-CTRPG-2000 option Controller single license
comfortable Projekt / History - administration
9851-CTR-2PG-2000 option Controller subsequent license
comfortable Projekt / History - administration
9851-CTR-3PG-2000 option Controller company license
comfortable Projekt / History - administration
9851-DBPG-2000 option DB - Backup single license
automatic Backup / Restore of DB's
9851-DB-2PG-2000 option DB - Backup subsequent license
automatic Backup / Restore of DB's
9851-DB-3PG-2000 option DB - Backup company license
automatic Backup / Restore of DB's
9853PG-2000 option LAD single license
representation ladder mode
9853-2PG-2000 option LAD subsequent license
representation ladder mode
9853-3PG-2000 option LAD company license
representation ladder mode
9854PG-2000 option CFS single license
representation functionplan
9854-2PG-2000 option CFS subsequent lic.
representation functionplan
9854-3PG-2000 option CFS company lic.
representation functionplan
9856PG-2000 option Datalogger single license
linewriter for the PLC
9856-2PG-2000 option Datalogger subsequent license
linewriter for the PLC
9856-3PG-2000 option Datalogger company license
linewriter for the PLC
9858PG-2000 option H1 single license
programming over Network-adapter
supported OS: only Win XP
9858-2PG-2000 option H1 subsequent license
programming over Network-adapter
supported OS: only Win XP
9858-3PG-2000 option H1 company license
programming over Network-adapter
supported OS: only Win XP