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Communication Data Bridge Industrie 4.0

  • OPC-UA server/client
  • REST/JSON-interface
  • Historical database

Functionality / deployment
For the realization of industrial 4.0-implementations must existing heterogeneous machines be networked. CoDaBix® is the right solution here. Industry 4.0 lives from flexible communications in both the horizontal (PLC / Control-level) as well as in the vertical direction (MES / PPS / SCADA). A connection between man, machines and objects requires a network to a large extent. Most of the machines, and even the latest, however, are often designed as "point solutions" or series machines. Each application, each PLC, each device has its own structure. The supplier provides according to their own specifications data and control options via different routes.
In the first step this heterogeneous machines must be "harmonized into" a common system. So is a central access to process data and machine information possible. CoDaBix® provides the ideal solution for this task.
CoDaBix® integrates OPC-UA, WEB services and database in a single system. The base is a SQL database (MySQL or SQLite). Historical values are stored in the database with timestamp. Above OPC UA, REST-JSON-service can be read or written to the defined variables and historical data.



Above the Web-based-Configuration-GUI, the structure of the machine is defined in a tree-shape.
Here were set variables etc. The variables are connected via the plugins directly to the machine. All nodes can be centrally accessed, read and written via OPC-UA / REST-JSON. Access will be controlled via the user administration. So the names in the PLC are decoupled to terms in the operator's installation. The data will be "harmonized".
CoDaBix® There are two variants: „Compact“ and „Server“. „Compact“ is intended for use directly on machines network, "Server" is designed for use on servers / Internet. CoDaBix® is installed on a Windows desktop (Win 7/8/10) or server (from 2008R).
Set up as a service performs CoDaBix® runs silently in the background.

CoDaBix® Features CoDaBix®-installations can be mutually linked, and communicate so hierarchically. CoDaBix® has integrated all important interfaces to PLC and MES, these can be in any way linked:

  • Windows 7/8/10 desktop/server 32/64 bit with .NET-framework
  • OPC-UA-compatible nodemanagement
  • OPC-UA (server/client), DA, HDA, event, ...
  • Database (SQL) WEB-service (REST) over JSON-protocol (read and write of process-values)
  • Historical database, with timestamp from the occurrence of the process value
  • CSV/XML-bidirectional interface
  • WEB-based configuration
  • Communication in horizontal and vertical directions
  • Trigger-manager for synchronizing the data-acquisition
  • Protocols for connection to the main types of PLCs SIMATIC S7 and S5
  • Modbus (Schneider/ WAGO / Beckhoff)
  • OPC (UA / classic / client / server)
  • Integrated user management
  • Modular construction
  • Notification-modul (smartphone), email
  • Open .NET-(C#)-developer-interface
  • Javascript/typescript-plugin (conditionscripts)
  • Harmonization of heterogeneous systems
  • Individually and as a "royalty free" licensable

CoDaBix® can be licensed as a single-version or as site-/developer-version. It is enabled via a license-key. Optionally, a dongle can be used as a license medium.

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