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PC-104-card 1-channel or 2-channel

Provides PPI, MPI- and Profibus

  • Card conforms to PC104-declaration (90.2 x 95.9mm)
  • Depending on the version 1 or 2 connector sockets for post-spring-bar for PPI, MPI and Profibus
  • Supports all baud rates up to 12M
  • PC104 bus through dual-Portet-Ram separate from actual hardware
  • PPI, MPI and PROFIBUS is electrically isolated from residual Hardware
  • Firmware is kept in the integrated flash-memory, therefore easier update possible
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363243308
applications technical data
9352-104-2MPI-PC104-card 2 channel up to 12Mbaud  Obsolete
equates to PC104-standard (90.2 x 95.9mm)