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S7-Interface cable for PPI, MPI, TS, HMI <=> RS232 applications

  • Automatic protocol- and baud rate detection (depends on the used product from 9K6 to 187K5)
  • Connects only to the bus when it is requested by PG
  • Firmwareupdate via internet for free
  • PPI - adapter for S7 - 200
  • MPI/Profibus - adapter for S7 - 300 + 400
  • CE/EMC compliant construction
  • All intelligent MPI-interface-products including a free OPC-server license "OPC-Manager lite" [limited to 100 items]
  • All products, including the examples and demo-version of communication driver as download on the product-site
  • Integrated display for output of diagnostic informations
  • Applicable as TS/HMI adapter
  • Double-sided connected cable
  • Short plug to PLC

Technical data

Supply voltage: 24V DC +/- 20%
Power consumption: 2 watt
Display: double lined LCD-display
Handling/Configuration: Kabelmanager-Software
to the PLC:
PPI/MPI-bus interface: 9,6 KBd - 187,5 KBd
to the PD/PC:
RS232: 9,6 KBd - 115,2 KBd
Galvanic separation: 1000V PPI/MPI-bus to the PC
Operating temperature: 0 - 55°C
Case: ABS-plastic case
Dimensions: 146 x 41 x 29 mm
Scope of delivery:
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363241304
HS-code: 85444290
Weight: 0.3000 kg

technical data
docu / downloads


Serial programming of the S7- PLC

With the MPI/PPI-cable you have the ability to access a connected SPC-PLC S7-200 (PPI 9600 Baud and 19200 Baud) as well as S7-300/400 (MPI/Profbus 9600 Baud up to 187500 Baud) via PC serial with up to 115200 Baud for reading respectively writing of data.
Remote maintenance with TS-software without original TS-adaptor

You have to reach urgend your PLC via remote maintenance and have no TS-adaptor in your company? No problem, configure with the MPI-Kabelmanager your S7-interface-cable MPI/PPI-Kabel the mode "TS" for "remote maintenance", connect this cable with the TS-Adapter (article number 9350-TS) with a standard modem and send it all to your client. Now you will be able to start the connection with your TS-sofware and solve the problem. And this all without buying a original TS-adapter.
Visualisation of your S7- PLC via COM-Port

Your panel provides a serial port and no MPI/Profibus for connecting a S7-PLC. Connect the MPI/PPI-cable with it and you’re Online with your panel.
applications technical data
9350-MMPI+PPI-Interfacecable TS-version 2m
9-pin modem plug

applications technical data
9350-4Power-adapter for MPI-cable
with power-supply unit 100-240VAC
9350-4-ONPower-adapter for MPI-cable
without power-supply unit
9350-9-CHPCheapConn Busconnector
9350-9-CHP-CCOption CheapConn for MPI
9350-9-CHP+9350-9-CHP-K already mounted
9350-9-CHP-KConnecting cable MPIx to CheapConn
9-pins 1 : 1 plated-through with shield
9350-TSAdapter cable 9pins to modem
for TS-function
9352-104MPI-PC104-card 1 channel up to 12Mbaud  Obsolete
equates to PC104-standard (90.2 x 95.9mm)
9352-104-2MPI-PC104-card 2 channel up to 12Mbaud  Obsolete
equates to PC104-standard (90.2 x 95.9mm)
9352-RS485-SKStub-compensator without galv. separation
9361-7T-Connector to PPI / MPI-Bus
doubling of PPI/MPI/Profibus-port
without bus connector
9391-HHDIN-rail-holder for MPI/PPI
quick and easy assembling on the cap rail