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Memory-modules for SIMATIC® - S5&S7

Your Advantages by using our PC memory modules:

  • Simple Handling
    the programming number is identical with the Siemens programming number
  • Secure Handling
    each module has a label with its type and programming number
  • Reduced risk to use the wrong module by mistake
    module with 21 V = black written labels – modules with -12,5 V = red written labels
  • Reliable and secure viability
    each module is produced and verified according to German Quality-Standards
  • Guarantied viability
    each module has to pass a PLC – write and read test
  • Guarantied Safeness through mark of conformity (CE) and electromagnetic compatibility mark (EMC)
    all of our modules comply with the current regulations
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363240437
HS-code: 85423255
Weight: 0.1000 kg
applications technical data

technical data
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373-1AA41EPROM module 16KWords for S135-S155  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
373-1AA81EPROM module 64KWords for S135-S155  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
373-OAA41EPROM module 16KWords for S135-S155  Obsolete
373-0AA41 - not RoHS-compliant
373-OAA81EPROM module 64KWords for S135-S155  Obsolete
373-0AA81 - not RoHs-compliant
374-2FH21Flash memory card 256KByte long  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
374-2KG21Flash memory card 128KByte long  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
- not available anymore -
375-1LA15EPROM module 8KByte for S95-S115  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
375-1LA21EPROM module 16KByte for S95-S115  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
375-1LA41EPROM module 32KByte for S95-S115  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
375-1LA61EPROM module 64KByte for S95-S115  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
375-8LA11EPROM module 8KByte for S90  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
375-8LA12FLASH-EPROM 8KByte for S90  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
375-8LC11EEPROM module 2KByte for S90  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
375-8LC21EEPROM module 8KByte for S90  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
375-OLA15EPROM module 8KByte for S95-S115  Obsolete
375-0LA15 - not RoHs-compliant
375-OLA21EPROM module 16KByte for S95-S115  Obsolete
375-0LA21 - not RoHs-compliant
376-1AA21EPROM module short 12,5V 16KWords   Obsolete
for S135-S155 - not RoHs-compliant
376-OAA11EPROM module short 21V 8KWords  Obsolete
for S135-S155 - not RoHs-compliant
376-OAA31EPROM module short 21V 32KWords   Obsolete
376-0AA31 - for S135-S155 -
not RoHs-compliant
377-OAA11RAM module short series 377 16KByte   Obsolete
377-0AA11 - for S135-S155 -
not RoHs-compliant
377-OAA21RAM module short series 377 32KByte   Obsolete
377-0AA21 - for S135-S155 -
not RoHs-compliant
377-OAA32RAM module short series 377 64KByte   Obsolete
377-0AA32 - for S135-S155 -
not RoHs-compliant
377-OAA41RAM module short series 377 128KByte   Obsolete
377-0AA41 - for S135-S155 -
not RoHs-compliant
377-OAB21RAM module long series 377 32KByte   Obsolete
377-0AB21 - for S135-S155 -
not RoHs-compliant
377-OAB41RAM module long series 377 128KByte  Obsolete
377-0AB41 - for S135-S155 -
not RoHs-compliant
951-0KD00-0AA0Flash memory card 16KByte for S7 short  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
951-0KE00-0AA0Flash memory card 32KByte for S7 short  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
951-0KF00-0AA0Flash memory card 64KByte for S7 short  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
951-0KG00-0AA0Flash memory card 128KByte for S7 short  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant
952-0KF00-0AA0Flash memory card 64KByte for S7-400 long  Obsolete
not RoHs-compliant