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Long distance report- and information systems

  • DIN rail mounting
  • Configuration with integrated web-server, no dial-up-connection necessary
  • Spring-clamp-contacts for in-/outputs
  • 4x digital input (on-board)
  • 2x digital output (on-board)
  • 2x analog input (on-board)
  • 8 report targets per input
  • Fax, e-mail, SMS and Voice (fixed report texts)
  • Expansion with 32 digital-inputs with module X300

Technical data

Supply voltage: 24V DC +/- 20%
Power consumption: 3 watt
Display: integrated Display or Web-Browser
Handling/Configuration: 3 buttons
to the PLC:
digital in-/outputs
analogue in-/outputs
to the PD/PC:
Integrated modem: GSM-modem 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Operating temperature: -20 - +60°C
Case: plastic case for DIN-rail mounting
Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 107 mm
Scope of delivery:
Attention: GSM-antenna not included in scope of delivery
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363247016
HS-code: 85176200
Weight: 0.2000 kg

technical data
docu / downloads


Direct Voice - speach output with EventModem

The receiver will be called by conventional telephone network or by mobile phone with a direct voice message. If a connection comes off the message will be transmitted.
Direct Fax

By direct dialling up the fax machine a message is carried out to a fax-receiver. If a connection comes off the message will be transmitted.
Remote Maintenance via keyboard and voice

The EventModem remote station will be called directly by conventional Telephone network or by. If a connection comes off, digital In- and Outputs for teleswitching will be transmitted. Each device can both transmit state of things and accordingly receive switch signals.
Remote switching with Eventmodem to Eventmodem

The EventModem will be called by conventional Telephone network or by mobile phone. With a direct voice message and DTMF–tone dialling the corresponding output will be set-up. If a switching operation has come off a speech output will confirm it.
Message via SMS (SMSC)

A SMS to a mobile phone is basically send by SMSC. Within the GSM-network it takes place via on-net SMSC. Thereby it’s unimportant in which mobile network the receiver is.
The message is activated by:
- digital contacts (relays, motion detector...)
- serial interface (PLC, PC, Microcontroller ...) bitserial (PLC)
The detection system transmits the SMS to the mobile network operator. The mobile network operator provides the SMS to the mobile phone. Optionally the detection system dials the mobile phone to „wake up“ the receiver or to initiate the confirmation handling.
Data logging

Cyclic data logging or data logging on occasion is realisable. The log data will be transmitted e.g. once a day via e-mail.
Special data logger functions can be implemented on request and are not part of the basis functions.
To switch a EventModem-output via SMS

Switching an output via SMS is an integrated function of the EventModem. Herewith the switching operation will be secure and comprehensible from afar.
applications technical data

technical data
docu / downloads

15359MESSI NG  Obsolete
GSM-quad band-modem with 4 digital in, 2
digital out and 2 analogue in
153593GMESSI NG 3G-version
3G-quad band-modem with 4 digital in, 2
digital out and 2 analogue in

applications technical data
15331Expansion-module X300
Expansion-module 32 digital-in
15359-DKABDebug-cable for MESSI NG
For connection to the serial COM port of a PC
Length: 3m
9379-ANTMagnetic base antenna
for TP, TS + MPI-Modem
9379-AVAntenna extension GSM/LTE/WIFI
Base-price + cable length #9379-AV-L
9379-AV-LAdditional charge for special length
for antenna extension
per meter 3,- Euro
9391.124V DC power-supply unit 625mA
Primary 110V - 240 VAC Euro+USA-plug
9636-CROSSCross-cable 3m Cat5+, shielded
RJ45 plug <=> RJ45 plug, twisted pinning
9636-TCPIPPatch-cable 3m, Cat5+, shielded
RJ45 plug <=> RJ45 plug, 1:1

applications technical data
prior notice:
153593GMESSI NG 3G-version
3G-quad band-modem with 4 digital in, 2
digital out and 2 analogue in